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A CATHOLIC priest clashed with two sex workers, who wanted to extort him, at St Peter’s in Highfield on Sunday


Father Nhika was reported to have engaged an armed member of security forces to threaten the sex workers only identified as Memory and Trish.

Nhika recovered US$50 and the two were taken to Machipisa Police Station where they were detained.

It could not be established how much Nhika lost to Memory and Trish.

Trish told H-Metro they were forced to surrender money, at gunpoint.

She denied extorting the man of cloth claiming Nhika was trying to evade paying Memory for ‘services rendered.’

“Father Nhika has been our client for some time and I saved his number in my mobile phone as Daddy Legend,” said Trish.

“He hooked up with Memory along Baines Avenue and asked for another woman.

“Memory recommended me and we had a threesome.

“He then promised Memory that he would pay later.

“Memory had a reaction on her mouth and demanded her money and some money for medical examination.

“Father Nhika asked us to hire a taxi from the Avenues, where we stay, to his place at St Peter’s.

“Upon arriving at St Peter’s we were confronted by an armed man and he forced us, together with the taxi driver, to lie down at gunpoint and surrender money we had.

“He then led us to Machipisa Police Station,” said Trish.

Trish and Memory were later transferred from Machipisa Police Station to Glen Norah Police Station.

The complainant was reported to have tried to order the release of Trish and Memory but the two vowed to seek justice before the courts of law.

“They pointed a gun at us and led us to a police station but now they want us to be released without trial.

“We are not going to entertain that.

“We want justice to take its course because we never extorted Father Nhika as alleged.

“He must pay for the services rendered and meet medical costs for Memo, that is all.

“Zvake zvekuzivana nevanhu vanepfuti ndezvake haisinguva yehondo,” said Trish.

The two are expected to appear in court today.


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