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Woman dumps her sick hubby for a married boyfriend


A WOMAN leaves her sick boyfriend for her married boyfriend.

In a tragic love story, a woman from Bulawayo allegedly eloped with her married boyfriend, who also supposedly divorced his wife to accommodate her, after her husband of 20 years suffered a stroke.

Idah Dimba allegedly left her husband Mike Ngwenya (47) after he suffered a stroke and ran off with her married boyfriend Brighton Mlilwana, who supposedly also left his wife Silethemba Moyo.

A distraught Ngwenya from the Njube area told B-Metro that Idah eloped with her lover on August 25, leaving him and his daughter behind. Idah has apparently mastered the knack of leaving her spouse without his awareness.

Before Idah left the house, according to Ngwenya, she told him a falsehood that she wanted to follow her aunt to their remote home.

“When she went, I assumed that, as she had informed me previously, she had taken her aunt to the countryside. Ngwenya was astonished when she learned that Idah had been spotted in the Njube area, where she was currently residing with Mlilwana.

Before Idah abandoned him, he said, they frequently fought because she had the habit of bringing her boyfriend home and was supposedly sleeping with him in his presence.

“Our marriage had troubles, but Idah went too far by inviting her boyfriend to our marital house. It appears that she has been seeing the man she is currently living with for some time.

“She was constantly bringing him home, and they slept together in my company. She has done this a few times. She threatened to leave when I protested, claiming she no longer felt comfortable remaining with me.

Ngwenya said, “Since she departed, she called me once to say she was coming to get her clothes, but she has not yet done so.”

According to a person with knowledge of the story, Idah destroyed not only her own marriage but also Silethemba’s when she eloped with Silethemba’s spouse.

Idah was labeled a “home-wrecker” by an irate Silethemba, who had no kind words for her.

“Before we divorced, my husband informed me that there is a woman he must marry as his second wife.

“When I returned from South Africa, where I had visited a relative, in August, I was astonished to find him at the house with Idah, and she had already changed the drapes. Silethemba stated, “Out of frustration, I left the house to remain with my sister because I found it difficult for two women married to the same guy to cohabitate under the same roof.”

Idah, incensed when contacted for comment, refused to answer questions from this magazine. She even threatened this reporter with an action that was not described.

Mlilwana declined to respond, expressing displeasure with the manner in which he was approached


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