Home News Student sells kidney to buy girlfriend IPhone 14

Student sells kidney to buy girlfriend IPhone 14


A Nigerian university student has startled social media users after reportedly selling off his kidney so he can buy his girlfriend an iPhone 14.

The man, whose identity has been redacted, is studying at the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT).

It seems relationships are becoming more materialistic now, and some have to dish out large sums of money on luxuries to express and prove their love.

In pictures that have since gone viral on social media, the student clad in blue shorts is seen raising his blue t-shirt to show his tummy.

The right side of his stomach has a bandage on the area where the kidneys are located. The application shows that he had undergone surgery a few days prior.

He is proud of the extent of his love for his girlfriend, the love that can make him part with a vital body organ to fulfil his girlfriend’s wish.

People on Facebook and Twitter are shocked over the extent of the student’s love.


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