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So far what we know why Master Kg is fighting with Vee Mampeezy over Makhadzi.


Master Kg suspects that vee might be making secret moves to snatch Makhadzi away from him.

Vee is currently in South Africa and Master KG accuses Vee of making ‘secret moves’ behind his back.

Fans believe the two are fighting over Makhadzi.

Last weekend Makhadzi had her second one-woman show in her hometown Limpopo. Her boyfriend and fellow Limpopo-born musician Master KG was supposed to show up, but he later made a public apology that he did not attend because of delays in his flights.

Many of the Limpopo couple fans have been questioning if Makhadzi and Master KG are still together as her fans were disappointed on her behalf for his no-show. The couple had been said to be still together and going strong. However, today, taking to Facebook, Master KG told Botswana artist Vee Mampeezy a piece of his mind as he warned him to stay in his lane.


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