A MAN who stays in Overspill, Epworth but is originally from Chimoio, Mozambique, says he is being haunted by women sometimes who come as ghosts to demand that he sleeps with them.

Mr Max Misheck Chisvipa (68) says that he is afraid of falling asleep as he says that as soon as he falls asleep, he sees strange things, and women come and become intimate with him.

“This problem started when I was working with a single woman whom I called my sister and we got along very well. I was with my wife with whom I have five children and whom I married at this woman’s house in Chitungwiza where we lived for 11 years.

“This woman died in a bus accident and I went with others to bury her. “The day after, I went to bed, this woman came to my dream saying why did you deny me and then she started sexually abusing me as if I was dreaming,” says Mr Chisvipa.

He says that since then, he has dreams of this woman torturing him.

“Sometimes I dream of her sleeping with me or coming as a ghost. The problem is that I have never been in love with her, so I don’t know what her intentions are.”

Mr Chisvipa says this problem started in 2014. “I tried to go back to the woman’s relatives, they told me that they had nothing to do with this matter. They encouraged me to consult spiritualists and get rid of this ghost.

“I have tried but it is not helping, she is just coming and doing what she wants with me.

“On top of that, there are many women who come and do the same to me, including some of my neighbours in Epworth,” says Mr Chisvipa.

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He said that there are more than 20 women who come and sometimes they surround him and fight to get a chance with him.

“I don’t know if the woman I worked with who died is the one calling the others. I have repented, my body is weak and my stomach hurts, and my back is worn out from having s_ex with all these women.

“One of the problems I have is that I don’t have the energy anymore, so my wife has spent 10 months without s_ex, so she is starting to think that I spend my energy outside.”

The man says that he no longer has a passion for his wife in the house, which is destroying his marriage.

“I don’t know what to do because I have travelled and consulted with sangomas and the prophets. In some places, I am given medicines and holy water to use without any help,” she says.

He also says that wherever he travels, he is told that this problem is coming from his relatives.

“It is said that these problems come from my relatives as they say that I was able to send my children to school to university and high schools even though I do housework in the yards. They don’t know that I get help from my wife to send the children to school.

“I am being used very hard veduwe, these women come, young and old, fat and thin as well as red and black. They undress in front of me without a word.

“I haven’t touched juju (kuromba) in my life as others say I have a goblin. If I don’t even have a lucky charm, I would also like to be helped,” says Mr Chisvipa.

“Spiritualists told me these are ghosts and goblins. Those who want to help me can contact me on 0775 008 538.”

This man says that he is now being blamed for things he did not do and also for being hated by people for no reason.

“The white man I worked with for 25 years just closed the shop without giving me anything and went to South Africa.

“Now that I work here in Chadcombe, getting along with the whites is difficult because of these ghosts,” says Mr. Chisvipa


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