Home News ‘I made US$5 000 selling my body at Ginimbi’s funeral’; Evangelica Sandie

‘I made US$5 000 selling my body at Ginimbi’s funeral’; Evangelica Sandie


Evangelica Sandie, the controversial slay queen, has revealed that she made US$5,000 from thigh vending at the late flamboyant businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s final all-white party.

Ginimbi had made it an annual tradition, prior to his death, to celebrate his birthdays with an all-white party with his friends, the rich and famous.

Sandie claims she made $5k from selling her cookie to the wealthy guests attending the final edition of these auspicious parties, which took place at Ginimbi’s Domboshawa mansion.

Evangelica Sandie took to Facebook to share selfies she took with some of the guests, captioning the photos with the words;

Musi uyu we last all white handiukanganwe zvangu Aiwa ndakavapa vese vakaguta ndikabva ndakabata Ka 5K kangu kasina basa (I will never forget the final all-white-party, I gave it to all of them until they satisfied and left US$5k richer)

Sandie made headlines recently after she was duped while visiting a lover she met online in Kenya.

According to Sandie, she travelled to Kenya on June 13 to visit her online lover but was unaware that her lover was a drug dealer.

Evangelica Sandie and her unnamed lover had been dating for six months before she decided to visit him in Kenya.

She claimed her lover told her he was from Kenya when he was actually from Sierra Leone.

Three cars hijacked them on their way to Mombasa, according to Sandie. The hijackers took everything they had, including a suitcase full of cash, which she estimated to be worth $250 000 or more.

Sandie was only left with her clothing, but fortunately, her passport was still in her jacket’s pocket.

Her boyfriend was shot in the knees and dumped by the side of the road.

The Zimbabwean Embassy in Kenya hosted Sandie. She created videos pleading for help from well-wishers to pay for her return flight to Zimbabwe.

Many Zimbabweans helped and bought her a ticket home


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