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Picture Of Moses Chunga Hitchhiking Sparks Debate On Social Media


A picture of football legend Moses Chunga hitchhiking has sparked debate on the welfare of former footballers.

Arguably, the majority of footballers including those who played in foreign countries, spend the rest of their lives in poverty after hanging up their boots.

Bambo, as Chunga is affectionately known, is rated among Zimbabwe’s greatest former footballers and managers.

Chunga was spotted flagging down lifts at an unknown location, and the picture, which has gone viral on social media, has evoked sad emotions.

Some commentators have blamed the government’s unwise economic policies for Bambo’s “predicament” while others have accused Chunga of failing to plan for his future when he was playing football in Belgium.

Here are some of the comments on the photo of Chunga hitchhiking that was shared on Facebook by Lighthouse News Zimbabwe:

Josephy Nyanyirayi: There is no reward for an honest man in Zimbabwe. Bambo if this is true I can only tell those that don’t know him that he did well to work for his family from his football days to owning one in the Premier League, but the country failed him. For those who are in business truth be told…. the environment is harsh. Poor governance at gvt level will erode all your hard work. If I as a Zimbabwean does not feel confident about my economy what about the so-called investors? Keep dreaming.

Shadreck Anesuishe Suluma: Catching a lift is it a sign of poverty? With such thoughts, we will never remove ZANU PF.

Phillip Matululu Nyahoda: Bambo played his part as a great footballer, it would be naive to assume if he is facing challenges the fault is his. How many times do we plan and our plans fall through? That Bambo is not begging at anyone’s house, means he is managing, not being mobile is not an indicator of suffering. If he has a house, has sent his children to get an education eats what he can afford he is doing well snd good under the current environment.

Trevor Munhundiripo: I don’t know why we always blame the government, sometimes you need to invest and spend wisely, there are a lot of people out there working very hard earning mari shoma than yema footballers but they are succeeding varikutovaka dzimba and doing businesses isu tichingoti hurumende.

Naphtal Berman: Moses Chunga was a good footballer he even plied his trade overseas with proper planning and investing and taking care of his money he should be living at least comfortably and by the way, it doesn’t mean that when one catches a lift it means he is suffering.

Trevor Machanja: This is an example of how demons in Politicians have choked all potential & talent in the country, it only seeks poverty & suffering in people. Sports, entertainment, health, education, and infrastructure, just to name a few etc, all are destroyed by selfish leaders. It’s like suicide on ourselves.

Patrick Phiri: Most Zimbabwean footballers messed up their lives themselves when they are playing football and earning a lot of money they also earn a lot of women changing from one woman to another not knowing that anything can happen at any time look at a man who went to Belgium to play his football there and earned a lot of money can’t even afford a Honda Fit shame it is a big lesson to all of us who are working today please try your best to save in case.

A year ago, Chunga and another football icon Madinda Ndlovu were given houses worth US$90 000 each by Sakunda Holdings.

Sakunda also gifted a house worth US$120 000 to the late football icon George Shaya’s family


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