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Watch | Bounty Lisa Bares It All, Narrates What Exactly Separated Her With Soul Jah Love


Popular Zimdancehall songstress, Bounty Lisa has her broken silence on widespread speculation that she deserted her late partner Soul Jah Love at his critical time of need.

Bounty was on Mangungundengu podcast where she laid everything bare from how she mate the late Zimdancehall icon until their time of separation.

Speaking to Mbali, Bounty said it was love at first sight when she met Jah Love,

“We met in 2013 during that period when most Mbare-bred artistes popped. He had seen my video clip after a video shoot and sought to see me. I would say it was love at first sight,” she said.

She went on to reveal that through their union, Soul Jah Love picked some form of direction.

“It was after we met that he started looking for a stable place of residence, before me, he was of no fixed abode hence the title Chugunduru,” she added.

However, the union would come to a crashing end as Jah Love started to physically abuse Bounty, something which emanated from his abuse of drugs. Bounty said substance abuse made him push everyone, except for “yes men”, away.

“He pushed everyone away that is why he died a lonely man, he pushed those who could rebuke him from doing bad stuff away,” she said before adding that had it not been for drugs they may have still been together, “I believe if he was not abusing drugs we still would have been together. I never left, we went for two months with him throwing out my bags and asking me to leave. He was a slave of crystal meth to an extent that he would also get confused about what happened to him whenever he was high.”

Speaking on songs about her that Jah Love continued singing after their separation, Bounty queried, “why was he showing me love on songs and interviews but avoiding telling me in person? He knew where to find me but would never come to profess his love face up, not even a call.”

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