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Makhadzi Faces Arrest & Jail Time In Botswana


Multi-award-winning South African musician Makhadzi faces arrest and jail time in Botswana over unpaid debts and a string of no-shows. Batswana were generous enough to forgive Makhadzi for past transgressions but their patience has been stretched thin.

The Ma gear musician breached a contract after leaving three shows stranded at the eleventh hour. In September, Makhadzi had been booked to perform at three concerts: Maun Carnival on the 29th, The People’s Festival in Palapye, and Kumnandi Ekhaya Music Fest in Thamaga; both on Independence Day on the 30th.

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This was after she ditched a Gantsi show in July for a gig in the United Kingdom. Now reports indicate that Botswana court sheriffs are lined up to throw Makhadzi behind bars for her P500k+ debt.

According to entertainment reporter Daniel Dk Kenosi, Makhadzi accumulated the debt from the three shows she missed during Botswana’s independence.

Apart from the debt from the three shows, Kenosi said the Limpopo-born musician also owes DC Tours/Hotels P160k for accommodation that was provided when she hosted her One woman show in Botswana.

Botswana musician Vee Mampeezy came in defence of Makhadzi following reports that she faces arrest over the debts. Vee Mampeezy said the debts from the One Woman Show were not supposed to be paid by Makhadzi but by the promoter Gilbert ‘PP wa Pimp’ Seagile who invited her to perform in Botswana.

He also argued that Open Mic should be the one held accountable for Makhadzi’s no-show for the three shows in September since it is responsible for her bookings and appearances.

Vee Mampeezy wrote:

Ok, BUT One woman show was done by Gilbert promoting in Botswana, which is the one which was booking accommodations and everything else.

2:Makhadzi s bookings are done by a company called open mic 🎤

That means according to the Law of Botswana when summons are done they are directed to those companies not to her individually.

And when there is mismanagement of of double bookings or Bookings it is the responsibility of Open Mic and if their refunds to be done Open Mic is responsible .

Before everyone JUMP to kill her, remember she is just an artist controlled by those companies and told where to go and where not to go

THANKS ❤️ 🙏🏿


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