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Popular Zimbabwean music promoter shot dead in South Africa


Another popular Zimbabwean music promoter was fatally shot in Capetown, South Africa.

Ishmael Nkata, popularly known as Mandebvu because of his bushy beard, was shot dead in Capetown on Friday evening.

His death was confirmed by the entertainment website earGround on Saturday.

Apart from being a music promoter, Nkata also ran a venue called The Gardens where Zimbabwean musicians performed live in Capetown.

Coincidentally, Ishmael Nkata temporarily closed The Gardens earlier this year after someone got shot at the venue. He reopened the venue last weekend and had resumed operations before he was shot dead on Friday.

Announcing the reopening of the venue, the popular Zimbabwean promoter was excited to be back in business again. He had promised an exciting experience for all patrons. Ishmael Nkata wrote:

Your summer weekends won’t be the same again! We have exciting outdoor entertainment experience in store for you all

At the time of writing, the motive behind the shooting could not be established. Ishmael Nkata’s untimely death plunged the entertainment fraternity into mourning.

Family and friends took to Ishmael Nkata’s official Facebook page to pay their last respects.

In September this year, another promoter for NB Hotspot studios based in Capetown, South Africa was shot dead.

The promoter, commonly known as Fyay Kidah, was shot by unknown gunmen at his home.

He was allegedly a leader of a group known as Dem Dead operating in South Africa. The group is notorious for robbing Zimbabweans at gunpoint in and around Cape Town.

Fyah Kidah was also a member of the ZANU PF Youth League.

Unconfirmed reports suggested that Fyah Kidah was gunned down as part of gang violence. His accomplices had been shot dead about two to three months before the Dem Dead gang leader was killed.

His other accomplice allegedly skipped the border into Zimbabwe


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