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A HATCLIFFE woman stands accused of killing her alleged lover with a kitchen knife after he found her with another man at a house he was paying rentals..read more


HOOKER ‘KILLS’ LOVER. . . I didn’t want to stab him

The unidentified woman was caught by the mob immediately after allegedly committing the offence.

The self-confessed hooker in the area was forced to sit beside the corpse while in handcuffs.

The incident occurred on Wednesday at midnight.

She claimed she mistakenly stabbed the deceased, with a knife, much to the anger of the mob, who were questioning her.

In a video, the woman is seen explaining how the tragedy unfolded.

“I only pushed him once. I even ran away from the scene.

“I didn’t want to stab him, I wanted to stab the other one who attacked me. I don’t even know where I stabbed him.

“Ndangokanda handizive ndamubaya pai.

“Ndatoti Kelaz is bringing many people to attack me again.

“I thought he was coming with many people and I thought they were coming to attack me.

“I didn’t even know, ndatopinda mumba ndikatanga kuchema,” she said.

The angry mob kept throwing questions at her about why she committed the offence.

“You are lucky, to be arrested by this officer, we could have butchered you, wabata nepovo, wanga usingafanire kubatwa nepovo, we could have dealt with you,” said another onlooker.

A source said the deceased and the accused were lovers.

“The deceased went to his lover’s place where he saw her with another man.

“But musikana wacho ndewemushika shika.

“He started to assault her before she took the knife and stabbed him.

“The guy was shouting at her saying that he pays rent for this woman.

“Angorohwa one strike nekufira ipapo,” said the source


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