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PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL….In the video, I saw the baby touching his privates …When I saw the video I knew it was a sensitive issue …. Munya denies charges, uses tattoo on a thigh as an alibi


THE father of a toddler, whose video playing with the manhood of her mother’s boyfriend torched a severe storm, has revealed how he ended up being exposed to the recording.

He was testifying at the Harare Magistrates Courts as the trial of Harare dealer, Munyaradzi Chauraya, who is accused of filming and distributing pornographic content with his step daughter, opened yesterday.

Chauraya pleaded not guilty to both the indecent assault and producing pornographic content.

He told the court the charges were orchestrated by his now ex-wife, in a bid to blackmail him, after he terminated their relationship due to her infidelity.

He claimed he had a tattoo on his left thigh, which doesn’t come out in the video, in which his three-year old step daughter is seen touching, and playing, according to the State, with his manhood. The State led by Tafara Chirambira opened its case by leading evidence from the toddler’s father, who narrated how he got aware of the video, leading to him filing a police report.

“My child’s aunt, sister to her mother called me on a Saturday and she said she had a video that she wanted to show me.

“She told me that she had seen a disturbing video of my daughter being abused by her mother’s boyfriend but when I went there, she refused to show me and asked me to go and see the child’s mother.

“I went to my ex-wife’s workplace and she showed me a video of my daughter playing with her boyfriend’s manhood.

“I realised that it was a sensitive issue, which we had to report to the police.”

Asked to describe what he saw in the video, he simply said: “I saw my daughter playing with a man’s manhood.”

The father refused to comment on the tatoo and said his ex-wife was better placed to speak about that.

The second to testify was the toddler’s aunt, the sister of her mother.

She told the court how she became aware of the video and disputed that Chauraya had a tattoo on his thigh.

“My sister sent the video to me and told me that Munyaradzi was threatening her against sharing the video with anyone.

“I then called the child’s father immediately to inform him about it.

“In the video, I saw the baby touching his private parts, in the background my sister was bathing and he was in the bedroom with the baby filming her.

“I concluded that it was my sister because I heard her voice in the video, she was on the phone in the bathroom with the door open,” she said.

Asked how she knew it was Chauraya in the video she said:

“I once massaged his feet after he had been injured and when I saw his discoloured nail on the big toe, I knew it was him. I have seen his thighs before and he didn’t have a tattoo,

“I massaged him when he got injured and also saw pictures of him with my sister when they were swimming at a pool party, he didn’t have a tattoo.

“If he has one now, he got it to cover up this offence. Due to time constraints, the matter was postponed to November 11 for trial continuation.


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