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Dr Malinga already chewing donations money, He just bought a R5 Million McLaren car, fans aren’t happy..read more


Dr Malinga now living large after the Podcast & Chill donations

It would appear that Dr. Goodwill Malinga’s luck has turned around for the better in the months since he made a desperate plea for assistance on an episode of Podcast and Chill.

The singer who became famous for his single “Via Orlando” has been photographed driving about in a fancy Ferrari some months after making a public call for financial support to pay off his debts.

In an appearance on Podcast and Chill with MacG, Dr. Malinga disclosed his ongoing financial struggles and the fact that he owes more than R500,000 to the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

Dr Malinga now living large after the Podcast & Chill donations
The Ngikwenzeni musician disclosed that SARS had destroyed his home and auctioned off his furniture and belongings, which had a combined value of R500,000, for a total of R100,000. He sent out a call for help, and his admirers and colleagues in the industry came through with R100 000, which he paid to SARS to clear his name and keep the taxman away from his home.

It would appear that things are getting back on track for the troubled musician, as evidenced by the fact that he flaunted his newly acquired toy on his social media accounts. Dr. Malinga appears ecstatic to be riding in his brand-new vehicle in a clip that was uploaded to his official Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Dr. Malinga may be seen performing the song “Ngiyabonga Nkosi,” which was published by him in October of this year.


Your tears have an incredible amount of power, Lingas.


He did not claim ownership of it…. People need to calm down… He is permitted to be a brand spokesperson… Or to have an automobile that is borrowed from wadijaja.

nickynice king:

sars comes after our artists ke show off, which is one of the things that makes sars what it is. learn from the finest @sadiomaneofficiel, the GOAT.


You were crying at McG, now you’re flouting sports car.

cooldogg sa:

Congratulations, and may God continue to bless you, Lingas!

You can watch Dr. Malinga show off his just purchased McLaren in the video that is below:

Man’s NOT Barry Roux 
I’m sure Dr Malinga is shooting a video, and besides he doesn’t owe anyone anything. Why are people mad that he bought a McLaren? Isn’t the purpose of helping others ensuring they do better than before? Or the people we help are supposed to be dependent on the said help for life? https://t.co/ArnuRbDNxb
7:17 AM · Nov 5, 2022
After going on a rampage against Makwa and Dr. Malinga on Facebook, DJ Maphorisa has finally issued an apology to the two musicians.

Because Maphorisa and Makwa had been beefing ever since they worked together on Kwesta’s Ngud, the conflict between the two became more heated. Regarding what exactly Dr. Malinga performed to Maphorisa, this matter is still shrouded in mystery.

It appears that Maphorisa and Dr. Malinga’s feud, which has been going on for years and has involved a lot of beefing and back and forth, will eventually be put to rest. In addition, he has expressed regret to Makwa for the things that he stated about the latter on his Facebook rant.

In reference to Malinga, Maphorisa made the following statement: “Even you, Dr. Malinga, cease watching my show [live].” Malinga has intermittent availability. You have to give me the honest truth, fing answer. Either you despise me or you cherish my company; you can’t do both. Either we resolve this issue, we act like civilised citizens from Pretoria, or you back off and give us some space. When we run into each other, please let the conversation go off once. I have the ability to take firearms and depart with my security detail. You absolutely must correct this issue of yours. I have no idea why you fing despise me or why you despise the success I’ve had “Malinga was given a warning.

Regarding Makwa, he penned the following: “Makwa shut da f*k up. The turning point in your entire career was when you stole my wave from Ngud’ by Kwesta and then created Spirit and etc… Put up the effort to improve yourself, since you deserve what you have. You bunch of slackers, all you have to do is copy and paste. START YOUR OWN SHT YOU nasty. I’m sorry to say this, but I really hoped you’d quit drinking lean mxm “He lashed out violently.

“Find a way to make peace with me, or I will forever divert your attention with my achievements. You can’t root against the victorious squad; take it from me, I’ll make it simple.”

This came about when Makwa publicly insulted him on social media by claiming that all he is capable of doing is stealing other people’s ideas rather than coming up with his own.

But there is no longer any tension because it appears that Maphorisa has made amends to the two. “I fell down.” I’m sorry, guys, but I can be overly sensitive and emotional at times. Makwa I adore you, boy. I’m sorry I fell down the stairs. Dr Malinga askies grootman laka. Let’s move love into the future. Guys, let’s make some music and provide for our family at the same time. Once more, I apologise,” he wrote.
When Maphorisa made a promise to Malinga that they would use firearms in their conflict, Malinga did not take Maphorisa’s words lightly. Malinga caused a stir on social media when he confronted Maphorisa, but he insisted that he is never too old to defend himself and said as much while he was defending himself.

“It has nothing to do with your age. Even because I’m getting on in years, that doesn’t mean I won’t continue to fight for what I believe in. I face my challenges while also functioning as an adult. I’ll respond to you with nonsense if you come at me with nonsense. I’m an extremely decent human being. Those who are familiar with me will attest to the fact that I am a very, very good man. I never take anything in life for granted… I come bearing crap,” he remarked.

“You have no idea what went down between Maphorisa and I…

Because you are unaware of the specifics of the situation, it is impossible to determine who is in the wrong or who is in the right between Maphorisa and I. We are aware…but he did not provide any explanations.”


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