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Pics | Ginimbi’s Little Sister Struggles To Keep His Businesses Afloat, Dreams Nightclub Closed


Sister to the late flamboyant businessman, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, Nelia – who inherited his wealth – is struggling to keep her brother’s businesses afloat.

A picture shared on social media shows the once buzzing spot, which would have been filled with high-end cars during Ginimbi’s days, dead of silence with doors into Dreams nightclub closed.

Social media users could not help but revisit speeches made by Ginimbi’s friends at his funeral where many of them vowed to keep his wealth alive.

Daphne Magidi

Ko the friends who promised to keep it alive
One section was quick to answer highlighting that people make too many promises at funerals which they never keep while some said Nelia only inherited the wealth but never had the business acumen to keep it alive.
BaEverly Anashe Chidotah

Daphne Magidi zvakangofanana kuti mupengo Java akabaya, then Towers oti ndichasara ndichismudzira mabasa aJava
Sharonfosho Sharon

Daphne Magidi pandufu zhinji unonzwa tichasara tichichengeta vana ,dzokera after two weeks unowana vana ivavo vachisiririsa , people makes promises pandufu asi zwosara ipapo

Another camp blamed Ginimbi for failing to groom his relatives and siblings in order to keep the wealth alive after his death?

Godie Mavhunga

Farai Rungava We as Zimbabweans must also normalise grooming people especialy siblings or kids.Ginimbis estate inheritors may not have been actively involved in the day to day running of his bussineses then suddenly they are saddled with the running and decision making of his complicated bussiness empire.Its a recipe for disaster.

Jamela Thulakusaziwa Kadawu

A brain isina ku uganidza pfuma haigoni lui chengetedza. Munhu anounganidza pfuma nè anowana yatoungana minder sey dzavo dzaka siyana that’s why vanonhwina lotto end up poor again if they were poor paaka winner lotto. Inheritance is no different from winning a lotto. Only a mind which was in the business of amassing wealth can keep or even grow inherited wealth. It’s all about mind set.

Rainos Torei

Ginimbi was supposed to build an institution and not personality related business .A business person you can start an idea,but let the idea conquer you the originator by ensuring there are functional structures, professional systems and process that .is called a business operating systems.It will not matter whether the owner is still arround or not.


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