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A 13-YEAR -OLD MBARE girl was raped and impregnated by a barber after failing to pay for a haircut.


The barber, only identified as Jimmy is from Masarakufa Village in Mudzi, and has since disappeared.

The girl is now six months pregnant.

The victim’s 39-year-old mother says residents at Tagarika Flats in Mbare, where she stays, have been calling her names.

She said they were accusing her of “selling” her daughter to men in exchange for money.

Narrating her ordeal to H-Metro, the mother said her daughter was raped after failing to pay for a haircut.

“I have four children and this one is the third born,” she said.

“The day she was raped, I left her at home alone and accompanied her father to collect rentals.

“She visited a barber called Jimmy for a haircut.

“On arrival, she discovered that she had lost money along the way, but the barber went ahead and cut her hair.

“He later came to my daughter at night claiming he wanted to know if she had found the money.”

She added:

“He raped my daughter for the whole night at our house.

“She only disclosed this after one of our neighbours detected signs of pregnancy.

“I never saw any signs of pregnancy until her tummy grew and this has affected me so much.

“People are calling me names when I walk with her.

“I am afraid of leaving her alone now, as I fear that, maybe, something worse might happen to her.

“Ndasveeredzwa nevanhu mumusika weMbare asi vamwe baba ndivo vazondibatsira kuenda paEdith Clinic.”

Reports say the girl’s father, and his younger brother, were against lodging a police report to ‘‘protect’’ the family’s name.

According to sources, they claim they don’t want to “drag the family name” into such controversial issues.


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