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Watch:Zimbabwean Businessman Ranga Gova Kidnapped In South Africa Still Missing After 1 Week, Family Appeals For Return


The family of a missing Zimbabwean businessman has appealed for his safe return a week after he was kidnapped in South Africa.

Ranga Gova, the 35-year-old Zimbabwean businessman, was hijacked and kidnapped in Centurion between Pretoria and Midrand.

Gova was kidnapped while driving home when he was just a few minutes away from his home in an upmarket residential estate last week.

According to reports, the Zimbabwean businessman was car-jacked while driving his wife Mamelo’s grey Mercedez-Benz CLA200D car at the traffic lights near Midstream Mediclinic in Centurion just before 8 pm on Thursday, 3 November.

A week after his car-jacking and kidnapping, Gova’s family has appealed for his safe return.

Otilia Gova, the businessman’s mother, has since flown from Zimbabwe to South Africa after learning of her son’s kidnapping.

Otilia Gova said,

“When I came out of church, I called him, and he told me he was at the golf course having coffee. After coffee, he was going to go home.

“Before I got home, I received a call from his wife. She was crying. Then I asked her what had gone wrong, and she told me Ranga has been hijacked and kidnapped.”

Otilia added,

“I feel very devastated. I am at a loss for words. I don’t know who would want to hurt my son. As far as I know, from primary, secondary and even at university, he has never had any squabbles with anyone even his friends can vouch for him.

“The local police have been very helpful since I got here. They have been to the house several times to update us about the ongoing investigation. They have been sympathetic towards us.”

The kidnapped Zimbabwean businessman’s wife Mamelo said the kidnapping has been extremely hard on the family.

“It has been extremely hard. It is too much. My daughter goes to the garage and calls for her dad.

“They got the vehicle registration for the cars and realised it was my car. They have our details so they came to our house. They thought it was me but I told them my husband was driving my car. They then took me to the police station.”

Mamelo said the Mercedes was recovered on Saturday, a short distance from their estate. Olifantsfontein police are investigating a case of kidnapping.

Below is video footage showing when the Zimbabwean businessman was kidnapped in South Africa.


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