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Musician Greatman’s Marriage On The Rocks?


Popular musician Greatman, real name Tongai Gwaze, has left people speculating that all may not be well in his marriage.

These past two days, he has been sharing status updates that suggest there could be trouble in paradise.

Yesterday, he left social media users wondering what could be going on in his love life after updating the word, “ZVEMUJOLO,” a figurative phrase people use to describe a tumultuous period in a relationship.

Then today, he posted, “vazhinji tinopinda nemoyo zvinosiya zvatitsonda moyo. (many of us entirely commit, a choice that leaves us crushed when it doesn’t work out).”

In reaction, many suspected that the marriage is crashing, with some assuming;

Hazvineyi Hazviyemurwe

😂�😂�🤣�🤣�matauriro ako wanyiswa chete
Trymore Renzva

Kkkkkkkk wakamboti tinongovabaya baya ka paye zviko wakuchibaiwa navo mjolo pandemic
Tholakele Ncube
Asi mukazi ayenda na Sulu kani
Greatman wedded Silibaziso Masara earlier this year at an event that was dubbed the wedding of the year.

However, soon after the wedding, a war of words erupted between Greatman and the wedding planner, TEO Events.

This was after Greatman accused TEO Events of being secretive during wedding planning. He said this left him in a US$2500 debt. The musician also claimed that TEO Events took over the event and monopolized everything.

However, TEO Events slammed Greatman and his family for being ungrateful. TEO Events also exposed Zimbabwean celebrities for publicising phantom gifts at the couple’s wedding.

Greatman and Matthew Mhembere of TEO Events finally managed to sort out their differences and made peace with each other.

Taking to Facebook, TEO Events apologized for airing out their issues on social media instead of addressing them in private.

“Hello Zimbabwe …I’m here to make this announcement to you Family kuti tagadzirisana all issues dzanga dzichinetsa pano pa social media abt my brother Greatman music Official nesu ve TEO Events we are really sorry about what we have caused pano pa social media ,I love you Greatman as my brother ,we are a family ,thank u so much,” he wrote.

Greatman also took to Facebook to publicly apologize to TEO events. He wrote

Ko zvatiri dzemudanga wani tirikurwirei mukoma.i love u as a brother and u love me too.thats y tagara pasi tataurirana nhac.rega ndikumbire ruregerero kwauri samukoma not as a wedding organizer.i’ll need u 2moro and u will need me too.
Chikuru ndeichi tagara pasi tikawirirana


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