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15 year old boy kills self after being accused of r@ping a schoolmate


A 15 year old boy Bafana Sithole, from Kriel High School hanged himself with a tie in a classroom after a girl had accused him of raping her.

Bafana hanged himself then later on the girl claimed she was joking.

Bafana left a suicide note before he hanged himself.

Another socialite Shadhaya had this to say:

A 15yr old boy just committed suicide after he was accused of rape by a schoolmate who later confessed she was joking. Yeah, a young life is lost & guess what, life goes on, no consequences whatsoever for the false accuser. But we’re made to believe this is an equal society…

Ask yourself why did this boy decide to end his life even when he knew he was innocent? Because our society believes women not facts when it concerns rap£. And anyone who suggests otherwise is termed a rape apologist. The boy knew his life was over the moment he was accused of it

He knew what awaited him was humiliation & suffering of the highest order. Even if he was to escape a jail term based on his age, he couldn’t escape the stigma that would haunt him in society as he’d be referred to as a rapist. This isn’t an isolated case, many men can relate…”

May Bafana’s soul rest in peace.


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