Update on Zengeza 3 woman who kept her son in a ceiling for many years..read more


Post 1 | Scenes from Zengeza 3 where residents are gathered to witness removal of a man’s body believed to have died in his house last Thursday. The wife has since time of her husband’s death been leaving the house locked without notifying anyone about the death. Police details are on ground recording statements.

Post 2 | The body of the elderly man who died in his house and kept in a decomposing state by his wife since last Thursday, has been collected by Nyaradzo. The woman has only been identified as gogo Mahlahla.In another development, Police have also found another man hiding in the ceiling.

Post 3 | Gogo Mahlahla has been arrested and the man found hiding in the ceiling is her son, Grant aged 39. He was last seen 10 years ago.

Grant’s cover was blown when the police went to their Zengeza house to retrieve his father’s decomposing body that had been kept since last Thursday.

Neighbours also revealed they last saw the now deceased Sekuru Mahlahla over a decade ago.

Sekuru Mahlahla

Watch the video below


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