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A 33-year-old man was murdered after two women drugged him in his flat


A 33-year-old man was murdered after two women drugged him in his flat with the sedative GHB, a court heard.

Saul Murray died in the early hours of 27 February in New Town Street, Luton.
Luton Crown Court heard that one of the women made contact with the victim after he posted pictures on Instagram of himself wearing two Rolex watches.
The two women deny murder, along with two male defendants.
‘Sexual activity’
Opening the prosecution case, Jane Bickerstaff KC, said the four defendants had driven from London to Luton.

“They went to steal items from Mr Murray that they believed were of high value,” she said.
“They agreed to use force and threats and agreed to the use of a sedative substance.”
Jurors were told Surpreet Dhillon contacted Mr Murray via Instagram on 9 February, before messaging using WhatsApp.
Ms Bickerstaff said Ms Dhillon and Temidayo Awe met the victim outside his flat, shared brandy with him inside and also gave him GHB “to knock him out”.
She said some degree of sexual activity took place.
Saul Murray’s body was found in New Town Street, Luton

Mr Murray’s body was found in New Town Street by a night shift worker
Jurors were told the pair had two male accomplices, Ikem Affia and Cleon Brown, who drove their hired Mercedes A-class to a McDonald’s, before joining the women at the flat.
The prosecution said Mr Murray was fatally injured during the 20 minutes that the men were inside.
The court was told CCTV showed all four defendants leaving, with Mr Affia holding a large knife in his right hand.
Ms Bickerstaff said Mr Murray appeared a few seconds later, “hobbling and completely naked” before he “opens the communal door and falls over and dies”.
A night shift worker dialled 999 after finding his body an hour and a half later.
A post-mortem examination found he died of blood loss from a deep wound to his thigh.
‘Set up’
Ms Bickerstaff told jurors Ms Awe and Ms Dhillion admitted previously “setting up men and stealing items” while their victims slept.
Ms Dhillon, 35, of Carnarvon Road, Stratford, east London; Mr Brown, 29, of King Edward’s Road, Hackney, east London; Ms Awe, 22, of Saunders Street, Gillingham, in Kent: and Mr Affia, 31, of Shore Place, Hackney, also denied one count of conspiring to rob him.
Mr Affia denied a further count of possessing a blade.
The trial continues.


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