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Shashl Under Fire For Playing Rape Victim Card


Social media users have condemned musician, Shashl for playing a rape victim card following the leaking of her bedroom tapes with Chillspot records co-founder, DJ Levels.

In an interview with a local tabloid, Shashl, who was in a picture-perfect relationship with the popular producer, said Levels cornered her into a relationship and would often force himself on her – entirely contrary to what they shared on social media.

“He forced me into the situation. He would force me to sleep with him when I didn’t want to.

“It started on social media when people were saying Levels and Shashl are dating, yet we were not.

“He is actually the one who posted that story.

“Later on, he started to corner me to sleep with him.

“I refused on several occasions before he threatened me that he would not record my music,” she said.

“Levels then moved to the next level where he forced me to actualise the relationship, of which I didn’t want.

“I refused to actualise the relationship.”

However, some social media users have criticised these utterances saying it’s through such cases that people find it difficult to believe genuine rape victims.

Kayla Soza

The real rape victims will be taken seriously nani manje
This is bad!

Teo Lee

It’s unfortunately munyika yatakurarama a boy child is now alone …..
This is not good ,video irikuratidza kuti she knew that they were recording a video ,we have seen many tyms ma sex tape achibuda so a girl child akasaudzwa kuti zvaurikuitawo recording videoz willingly is wrong hatina kwatirikienda ,I do sympathise with the lady here BT also let’s admit that both of them are wrong kuita recording ,now coz a girl child is now over protected nyaya iyi yakutonzi rape ,thts not good ,ngatitsiurei vanhu vese not Kuda kuomesera one side ,what are we doing also to a boy child

Hazvinei Yassin Amaar

Iri rangovawo joker raarikukanda mwanasikana hake … semunhu akanyadziswa she is trying kudawo kurwadzisa ..zverape hazvo hameno ..but wat l kno is wthr murimurelationship munotodanana ukakwira munhu asiri kuda its rape chero akazobatirira or wat but the fact yekuti ndambokuti handisikuda or not in the mood ..it means yu raped me bcz ndanga ndisirikuda chero ndikazochemerera hangu or kunakirwa but yu raped me … ..apa hapo musikana angokandawo joker rake chete hapana nyaya


The chick now claiming physical, s£xual & emotional abus£ is how the story always ends. Nothing new, wom£n will always prefer the route of plausible deniability, meaning whatever she did wasn’t her fault but the men manipulated or forced her into it. Same script always… Yes, never underestimate a w0man’s ability to make herself a victim of a situation she partly or wholly contributed to. She’ll always do this if she finds herself on the short end of the stick, in her brains, it wasn’t really her choice or fault. Blame the bad men, not her… And she’ll pull up the theatrics (crying, claiming d£pression/m£ntal health & deception (lying) to achieve her goal of being a victim. And anyone who doesn’t buy it, will be branded misogynist, rap€ apologist, incel etc… At some point wom€n have to grow up & start taking accountability for their actions. In life one must know, each & every decision you take, always has consequences & maturity is the ability to accept the outcome & dealing with it. Learn or perish!!!


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