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Serious drama as broke woman has tlof tlof with Black Coffee thinking she will also get rich


Woman confesses she had a lousy relationship with Black Coffee hoping to get rich

South Africa’s Grammy award-winning DJ, Black Coffee is the talk of the streets after a random Twitter user claimed that she used to be in a lousy s*xual relationship with him.

Lindokuhle mentioned that during their s.e.xually escapades she used to swallow Black Coffee’s sp*rms with the hope that she will get to be as wealthy as the DJ.

As if that wasn’t enough, she claims that Black Coffee celebrated the success of his album “Subconsciously” between her legs.

“To think that I once had a lousy relationship with @RealBlackCoffee and I used to swallow his sp*rm thinking I’ll be wealthy lol ???ow konje the SUBCONSCIOUSLY album was celebrated in between my legs?,the funny part about this is; m still broke as’F ? thanks bye!,” Lindokuhle revealed.

Check the tweet:

Lindokuhle bemoaned how she is still broke after being in a s*xual relationship with Black Coffee.

Following these claims, here is what a few tweeps had to say:


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