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A church elder was humiliated by his lover who turned up at his wedding ceremony at Waddilove High School in Marondera


Methodist Church in Zimbabwe circuit leader, Gabriel Matsiwe, and Lian Muzanenhamo’s wedding was interrupted when the church leader’s secret lover, only identified as Nyari, rose to object to the two being joined in holy matrimony by a religious marriage officer.

All had been going well for Matsiwe’s best day as he was being joined in “holy” matrimony to Muzanenhamo, a prophetess, popularly known as Madzimai Nunurai in Dzivaresekwa and Dema.

Trouble started when the marriage officer asked if any person could show just cause why the two may not be joined together.

Nyarai could not hold her peace and told the marriage officer in front of stunned wedding guests that Matsiwe and her were lovers, and he had promised to pay lobola for her on Christmas Day.

“Brighton had given a date to pay lobola and never told me that he had found another lover that he is wedding today,” said Nyari.

Brighton Tazarurwa (left

“He first gave my parents a date in August this year and later moved it to Christmas Day.

“Some of my relatives had already travelled for the lobola ceremony from outside the country, only for him to start giving flimsy excuses at the last minute.

“Akaudza vabereki vangu kuti aita emergency arikuda kunorova guva saka haachakwanisa kuuya kuzoroora.

“We were then shocked to learn about his wedding today,” she said.

The marriage officer then invited Nyari, Matsiwe and his parents, as well as his bride’s parents into the school’s boardroom to iron out the issue and map a way forward.

Nyari demanded clarity from Matsiwe and he informed her that it was over between them.

Nyari emerged from the meeting in the boardroom after an hour and left the venue, and the wedding ceremony resumed


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