12 Years Old Boy Is Turning Into A Stone-VIDEO


In life, we mostly harvest what we sow. If you work hard, you expect to get some money and get rich. If you study hard, you would normally succeed at school.

But then life is not fair. Sometimes you get absolutely what you didn’t deserve, and this can hurt a lot.

It’s the story of Mbarushimana Damour, a young child who is battling the wrath of Earth, and paying the price of something he didn’t commit.

The saintly kid, who is so lively among others, is suffering from a hurtful skin disorder which is yet to be disclosed, and his life is almost torn apart because of this condition.

His almost full body, bar face and genital area, is covered by skin irritations all around, which provokes him to itch his body so heavily that he can bleed his skin by himself.

He was born with this condition, and it developed as he grew up. Those skin irritations covered much bigger parts of his body and his efforts to itch them widened, until his own hand was no longer enough and he started to use metals to itch bigger parts of his body all at once.

The innocent boy is living a different life from his siblings and classmates. He cannot wear normal clothes since it can hurt his skin or else his skin can also dirt them. Thus he doesn’t sleep on a mattress, but a stretched mat with a small bed cover on it, and that’s it.

Nkuba Joseph, his father, is also very aware of the condition of his son, and he makes sure that there is water at home all the time, which is used to cool down his son’s skin whenever it is needed.

This process will eventually be needed especially when there is a lot of sun, or whenever the boy is hot, given that his skin can naturally generate and emit a lot of heat, which can bother his classmates, sometimes.

When that happens, his father will pour cold water on his skin and the heat will cease slowly.

His father is asking for people to support him since he wishes to take his child to the better hospital to get proper medication.

Watch the video below:


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