Watch:Little Boy Rides Well-Behaved Pit Bull in TikTok Video, Mzansi Worried: “It’s Not a Dog but a Wild Animal


A little boy riding his pit bull had Mzansi worried sick for his safety because of the breed’s unpredictable behaviour
The boy’s dad shared the TikTok video to show how well-behaved their pet is and said the family loves him
A lot of social media users warned the father that the dog breed is wild and they shouldn’t be risking their children’s lives

Pit bull owners in the country are trying to dispel the negative stigma attached to the breed following the public’s outcry to have them banned.

A loving father and pit bull owner took to TikTok to post a video that captures the gentleness of one of his pit bulls. His son played with the dog and even hitched a short ride on the treasured family pet. He said:

“Hi guys, this is our dogs. We really love them, and there is nothing wrong with our dogs. The problem is with the owners. They are part of our family; our kids really love them, and they are friendly to our kids

He kept emphasising that there was nothing wrong with the breed but that cruel owners are responsible for pit bulls becoming ferocious.

Other pit bull owners shared that they agree with @maziyapitbul and that they also have kind and predictable pit bulls.

But most people were not budging in the comments section, saying that, hopefully, the family won’t one day regret not surrendering the dogs to the SPCA.

@keitu003 said:

“I am a dog instructor, and what I know is dogs like pit bulls, Rottweilers, and Boer bulls are UNPREDICTABLE!”
@reabokankhoesa2 wrote:

“They are friendly for your family but not for someone outside.”
@user3361780488849 mentioned:

“There will come a day you will see it’s not a dog but a wild animal, friendliness aside.”
@thembima0 commented:

“These are the most friendly dogs and are part of the family

Watch the video below


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