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78-Year-Old Mhondoro Man Demands Lobola Money Back After Finding Out Son, 49, Is Not His


A 78-year-old man is seething with fury and demanding his lobola money back after he recently discovered that his 49-year-old son is not biologically his.

Wilson Shirichena from Mhondoro in Zimbabwe believed Milton Shirichena was his biological son for the past four decades and only recently learnt that he is not.
Wilson is still in shock following the startling discovery, and he is breathing fire. He took Milton to be his own son and even looked after him until he became his own man and started caring for himself.

Wilson alleges that his supposed “son” Milton got a visit from his real father, who told him he was his son, before he died.

Wilson is now demanding that Milton pays him back the lobola money he paid for his wife since it has now been revealed that Milton is not his biological son.

“When I was told this, I was utterly heartbroken to find out that my dear wife would hide this from me for 43 years. I now demand that I be paid back my lobola money from Milton since I paid damages which should have been paid by his biological father, who impregnated my wife before we got married.”

Wilson is demanding his lobola money back from Milton because his in-laws are all dead and will not be able to pay him back.

“My wife is not feeling well. She has a mental illness, and all my in-laws died. So Milton should pay me back my money in his father’s stead.”

Milton spoke to the media and denied allegations that he spoke to his supposed “biological father” when he was still alive.

“I can’t deny that there are rumours circulating that I am not Wilson’s son, but we have never spoken about it. If he has proof of what he is saying, then he should follow the proper procedures that have to be done than chasing me from the family like a dog.


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