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Harare:Fight over rent money


A HARARE woman approached the Civil Court seeking a protection order against her ex-husband, who she accused of taking rent money from the house they acquired together.

Magistrate Judith Taruvinga granted the protection order.

Annah Ngwena told the court that her ex-husband, Tawanda Sango, is depriving her of her share of monthly rentals from their house.

“He is taking all the money from the tenants with his new wife, leaving me with nothing.

“The stand is in my name, but he takes everything leaving me and the kids with nothing,” she said.

In response, Tawanda told the court that he takes the rentals to pay child maintenance since he is not employed.

“The house is mine Your Worship, and we agreed that we would use the rent money for our children. I’m only getting US$45 from the house.

“She desperately wants to be in charge. Two months ago, she applied for maintenance and I took the rent money to cover it because I fear being arrested,” he said.

Magistrate Taruvinga ordered Tawanda to share the rentals equally with his ex-wife.

She said failure to do so would be in violation of the Domestic Violence Act, which attracts a custodial sentence


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