Home News Govt Speaks On Zimbabweans Set To Return Upon Expiration Of ZEPs

Govt Speaks On Zimbabweans Set To Return Upon Expiration Of ZEPs


Govt Speaks On Zimbabweans Set To Return Upon Expiration Of ZEPs
The government has said Zimbabweans that will be repatriated from South Africa following the expiration of their extension of stay must not be scared to come back as they will be welcomed without challenges.

Zimbabwe Exemption Permits (ZEPs) facility is set to expire on 30 June this year and thousands of Zimbabweans will be affected.

Home Affairs Deputy Minister, Ruth Maboyi-Ncube told Sunday News in an interview that there are systems in place to ensure that they smoothly fit into society. She said:

They (Zimbabweans) must not be scared as they are returning home. We are ready to welcome them. We have already started making preparations to ensure their smooth return.

The customs and immigration department is in the know and ready to assist. They are also aware that the nationals are returning with property and vehicles and know what to do in that regard. We promise a smooth passage as a Ministry.

We will ensure they get into our schools as long as they can produce proof of schooling in South Africa. We will then blend them with other learners in our schools. We are yet to meet with the relevant Ministry and discuss the finer details regarding schooling but we see no challenges.

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She also noted that the government has:

i). facilitated a duty-free importation of goods, property and vehicles for nationals as they return as they are aware that returnees have accumulated movable property during their stay in South Africa.

ii). organised that returnees without identity documents go straight to the registry department and get national Identity Documents and passports.

iii). arranged that Port Health officials demand at least two dose vaccinations, if they do not have them, they must produce a valid PCR test taken within the last 48 hours and if they do not have them, COVID-19 tests will be done at the border post.


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