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I regret turning down a collaboration offer from Winky D says Nadia Nakai


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Nadia Nakai shared profound insights in her latest interview on Nyamz podcast. Being represented South Africa at the BET awards a global stage that many would want to be Nadia explained why she chose to go with her South African heritage instead of her Zimbabwean heritage.

She also highlighted her favourite artists from Zimbabwe with Nutty O being at the top of the list. The mustard seed album hitmaker has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years through his excellent way of delivery.

Nadia also shared on how much she wished she could have collaborated with the Gaffa Winky D. She explained that Winky D reached out to her for a collaboration but she was in a bad space and till today she regrets having that moment slip away from her.

Winky D is currently trending after putting up a line up of superstars in the recent Eureka album launch which has sparked a lot of excitement among Zimbabweans.

Nadia went on to describe Kikibadass as the hottest rapper in the country and hailed her to the crown of the Queen of hip hop in the country. She also explained that the reason why she could not represent Zimbabwe at the BET awards is because she felf Kiki deserved all the praise from Zimbabwe and would not want to take that away from her.


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