Home News ‘Army Generals will not salute Chamisa’ Chombo says

‘Army Generals will not salute Chamisa’ Chombo says


Former G40 Kingpin Ignatius Chombo has warned CCC leader Nelson Chamisa that the army Generals were not going to salute him and would never allow the ruling party ZANU PF to lose power.

In a Twitter post Chombo said, “Chamisa himself knows he is too small to be saluted by these men of war. These generals are waiting for their turn on the presidency and this can only happen when Zanu Pf is in power, so even if Zanu Pf loses the election why would they let it go without a fight?”

Chombo has in the past month used his recently opened Twitter account to apologise to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and ZANU PF over his involvement in the G40 camp during the 2017 factional battle that led to the ousting of the late President Robert Mugabe.

Chombo also posted that all the corruption charges that he is facing are not politically motivate but he was following orders.

“All the corruption charges being leveled against me are genuine and not politically motivated. I abused my power as cabinet minister and thousands of dollars disappeared but l was simply following orders, l had no choice by then but to protect my office and position in the party.” He said.


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