Home News Nelson Chamisa has praised Winky D for a successful album

Nelson Chamisa has praised Winky D for a successful album


Winky D’s album Eureka has caused a lot of turmoi in the political arena as many have criticised the artist pointing out that he is singing politics whilst on the other hand other politicians maintain that there is nothing wrong with the album.

CCC president Nelson Chamisa had this to say:
You rock Gaffa! Quality music, superb lyrics. Deep and relevant message there Gaffa President. You are GOAT!

LEAD president Linda Masarira also had this to say :
Dear Zimbabweans let us stop politicizing artists & allow music to unite us as it should. This cyber war against @winkydonline @jahprayzah @SehCalazMusic etc should be condemned by all progressive Zimbabweans. Stop subcontracting your political differences into the music arena!

Since time immemorial musicians in Zimbabwe have always sung about socioeconomic issues. World over musicians sing about things going on around them. The political toxicity in this land is spilling over to artists which is totally unacceptable. Let musicians.


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