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No Gonyeti For Macheso,Was A Joke..read more


SUNGURA guru Alick Macheso is not only a magician in composing hit songs.

He is also gifted when it comes to cracking jokes on and off the stage.

The 54-year-old was the star attraction during the Wedza Arts Festival on Christmas Day in Machakaire Village, Makanda.

Over 15 000 revellers found their way to the usually sleepy village, which hosted over 70 musicians whose performances spilled into Boxing Day.

Taking to the stage at around 3pm, the eloquently-dressed Macheso opened his act with “Ndakakutadzirei” off his 2018 album “Dzinosvitsa Kure” before addressing the crowd.

And during the address, Macheso joked that the festival host, Deputy Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation, Tino Machakaire, who is also the legislator for Wedza South Constituency was about to donate a haulage truck to the Orchestra Mberikwazvo frontman.

Machakaire runs a transport and logistics business by the name Tinmac Holdings with haulage trucks part of the entity.

There were plenty of them on site with some used to ferry revellers from different places like Chemhanza, Chigondo, Mutukwana and Zaire on the day.

“I am happy to be performing during an occasion of this magnitude. It’s an honour and privilege on my part,” said Macheso.

“Please help me thank Honourable Machakaire for he said he will be donating one of his trucks to Orchestra Mberikwazvo.

“May all of you look in this direction where the trucks are parked. One of those trucks will be mine”.

It was a clear joke that left revellers cracking their ribs.

Even Machakaire himself, who also took the opportunity to condemn drug and substance abuse was charmed by the joke.

He never mentioned anything to do with trucks when taking the mic to greet the folk.

“I am pleading with all of you here to shun vice.

“Drugs will never take you anywhere, instead it will destroy your future,” he said.

However, someone misinterpreted that for reality.

It was surprising to see social media awash in the early hours of December 26 with messages that Macheso had received a haulage truck from Tinmac Holdings.

Machakaire, who was recently appointed to the ruling party’s Politburo, yesterday cleared the air on the circulating message.

“I thought Macheso said something like that in jest.

“ He was joking and we took it as such.

“I am not aware of anything beyond the joke he made,” said Machakaire.

“Let me take this opportunity to salute all the musicians who performed during the festival and those who came to witness the occasion.

“I am determined to provide entertainment to the Wedza folk since I know these people rarely get an opportunity to witness live musical shows.”

Macheso was at his prime best with his lead guitar performance on “Nzendo Dzirefu”, especially catching the eye.

The “Wandirangaridza” singer returned to the stage after the crowd demanded that he plays “Shedia” off the album “Vakiridzo” before signing off.

Rising star Mark Ngwazi wasn’t to be outdone with the “Pasi pemaveji” hitmaker serenading fans with Song of the Year favourite “Nyaradzo yaBaba”, “Hwahwa” and “Mudzimu wabudira pambeveve”.

Bio “DT” Mudimba, Killer T, Bazooker, Jah Prayzah, Sulumani Chimbetu and Baba Harare all gave a good account of themselves.


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