Home News Rapper Mudiwa Hood Closes Shop For 3 Hours To Serve Politician Scott

Rapper Mudiwa Hood Closes Shop For 3 Hours To Serve Politician Scott


Owner of fashion brand MH,which is popular with prominents like Prophet Ed Brenson and cricket legend Sikandar Raza, had to close shop for 3 hours amid a ‘tough’ demanding order from politician Scott Sakupwanya who had ordered 32 bags of merchandise and 8 customized suits, each with an extra cost of USD100.

Mudiwa Hood tweeted his joy on his account;

“Am out of words…3hrs with all doors closed…. Well ended up on 32 MH bags of MH merchandise… and 8 different Suits that Dr @scott_kupa requested they get customized to his fit and name…which cost an extra $100 per suit. I am out of words, God is Faithful…” he said.
Citizens agreed, charity begins at home saying locals should support fellow colleagues’ businesses as others felt his brand is too expensive.

Here is a sample of responses from the comments;

“It’s awesome to see our affluent cousins buying from local shops. Support local businesses” – @mazano_muvaki.

“Take it as a win, you’ve come far to stop.” – @zinkyZw93.

“I like this, zimbos should spend the sheets I’m Zim” – @Sphenheaven. “Extra cost can buy me two suits.” – @im_providenc3.

The brand @mudiwahoodstore which has 3.209 followers on Twitter sells tuxedos, hoodies, caps, shorts, slides and socks with the following current price tags which are subject to change.

MH Tuxedos $1000

MHHoodies $150

MHCap $100

MH Shorts $100

MH Slides $100

MH socks $30


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