Home News South Africa-Based Zimbabwean Prophet Jay Israel Dead?

South Africa-Based Zimbabwean Prophet Jay Israel Dead?


Controversial South Africa-based Zimbabwean prophet Jay Israel is alleged to have died.

Rumours are circulating on social media alleging that the self-proclaimed man of God has passed away.

Journalist Solomon Izang Ashoms seemingly confirmed Jay Israel’s death on Facebook saying;

Jay Israel has died…The sad end of a charlatan on the fast lane.

Condolences to his family especially his mother.

Jay Israel Dies?
Screengrab from Solomon Izang Ashoms Facebook page

Details surrounding his supposed death are still sketchy.

Meanwhile, on his social platforms, a message was put up. The message neither confirms nor denies the tragic news.


Let us continue praying for the man of God – Jay Israel Senior. Whether the circulating news is true or false, Where is the love of God to all those Rejoicing over the unconfirmed news?

Where is the love of God to all those declaring calamity over the man of God Jay Israel Snr that he will die in hospital?


Let us please respect the privacy of the man of God and his family during these trying times ?

GOD IS LOVE ❤️,” reads the statement.

The news about his death comes after there had been rumours circulating that he was hospitalized.

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Jay Israel dies
Jay Israel dies? (Image Credit: Facebook| Prophet-Jay Israel

Jay Israel is alleged to have suffered a stroke after overdosing drugs.

However, a message from his social media accounts debunked the rumours stating that the self-styled prophet was well and full of life. Prophet Jay Israel was reported to be taking a social media break.

“Please debunk the false news circulating on social medial platforms that the Servant of God, Jay Israel Snr was hospitalised supposedly for malicious and unfounded fallacies aimed at disturbing the man of God from his long break from social media, Praying and seeking the face of God and looking for answers for the human race.

Despite recovering from anxiety Jay Israel Senior is well and full of life very positive and looking forward to the great year ahead full of the manifestation of God’s promises and HIS LOVE.. “reads part of the statement.


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