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Notorious Ex-CID Officer Evades Arrest Once More Following Another Shootout With Police


The Zimbabwe Republic Police has confirmed that notorious ex-CID officer Jaison Muvhevhi is still on the run after he managed to evade capture by the police once again on Saturday. Muvhevhi escaped from the police yet again following another shootout. He managed to escape the shootout which occurred in the Chiduku region close to Rusape.

The police dismissed reports that the former CID officer is now in police custody after being captured on Saturday.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi insisted that the manhunt for the suspect is still ongoing.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told state media that police yesterday tracked Muvhevhi to the Chiduku area near Rusape.

Realising that he was cornered, the ex-CID Officer allegedly engaged in a fierce shootout with the police.
Muvhevhi later decided to cut his losses after the intense gunfight with the police and fled on foot after leaving his Toyota Allion vehicle.

He is said to have left a gun in the abandoned car and escaped into the nearby mountain range.

Commenting on the matter, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi tersely said,

“He is not yet arrested. The suspect fled and left his vehicle and a gun he had taken from the officers. He was located in Chiduku. It is not true that he has been arrested.”

The police spokesperson did not give further details on the alleged shootout between Muvhevhi and the police.

Muvhevhi, who has been described as armed and dangerous, allegedly shot and killed Crispen Mubvana, a Johanne Masowe apostolic sect prophet, at his shrine on Friday.

After killing the prophet, the former law enforcement officer allegedly shot and killed the Officer-in-Charge of Wedza Police Station and seriously injured another police officer who had come to investigate the scene. According to reports, the injured police officer is fighting for his life at a nearby hospital and is in severe condition.

Muvhevhi, who seems to have been on a rampage, then drove to Mukamba Business Centre, where he allegedly shot and killed another man before driving off.


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