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Dendera musician, Chimbetu Taken To Rehab Over Drug Abuse


Haisati Yapinda Hitmaker Taken To Rehab Over Drug Abuse
Dendera musician, Tryson Chimbetu, was recently taken into rehab for drug abuse.

H-metro reports that the singer, who first emerged as a promising Dendera singer, has become the talk of his community following his violent conduct and use of obscene language against his own mother.

According to reports, it was a tussle for his relatives to take him to rehab at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals as he resisted help.

Close sources said;

“He was refusing to be taken to rehab at Parirenyatwa. He was now moving around the area with a knife, threatening to stab any relative who dared visit him.

“Although they managed to take him, he fought his brothers. It looks like he is losing his mind because of drugs. He was staying with his son, but he was very violent. He is accusing his mother of bewitching him,” said the source.

The singer was refusing to go to hospital because he felt his life was in danger.

“They want to kill me, remove these ropes. Sunungurai makumbo, I am not running away. Just untie me, Tindo loosen my legs. They will not go anywhere, they know.

“Leave me Solo, zvafumuka, leave me. Look, I will die, there is nothing like this; why did not you come with the police.

“If I get into the car, I will die, Shingi get inside. I want to sit alone, go and call the police, let the police come. Simba fight for me, that thing is coming, they want to kill me.

“I am crying for you Simba, you know they want to kill me, today is the day. I prayed today, I knew they want to kill me,” he said as he resisted getting into the car.

Another source said drugs had earlier sent him cleaning the house thoroughly on Saturday.

“Akakwesha imba yese madziro achiti vanhu vakamuisira mushonga. Kukwesha madziro ese, just like someone who is under the influence of drugs.

“So, relatives took him to Parirenyatwa where they want him to be detoxed for a week.

“Hanzi ane madrugs akawandisa. His child was also taken since they want him to be evaluated as he too might have been intoxicated.

“Tryson was saying, that vanhu vakamuisira mushonga kubvira mubhutsu, mumba, muhembe, and accusing them of being Satanists.”


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