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Man Of The Moment Baba Denzel Pleads With Mai Denzel For Reconciliation -Audio


In a surprising turn of events, Baba Denzel pleads with his estranged wife, Mai Denzel for a reconciliation.

The couple recently hogged news headlines after leaked audio recordings and pictures went viral online

Mai Denzel confesses her numerous illicit affairs with two men in the leaked audio recordings. The affairs came to light after Mai Denzel’s aggrieved ex-boyfriend decided to let her husband know of her shenanigans.

The jilted ex-lover forwarded enough evidence to Baba Denzel that left him without a doubt that his wife was being chowed on the side. After receiving the incriminating evidence, Baba Denzel confronted his wife with a calmness which is uncharacteristic of men in such situations.

He called Mai Denzel’s relatives and informed them of his decision to divorce her. Baba Denzel was hailed for maintaining his cool in the face of such news.

Many expected this to be the end of Baba and Mai Denzel’s union but in an unexpected turn of events, the former is pleading for a reconciliation with his wife.

In a leaked recording, Baba Denzel can be heard assuring his wife that bygones are bygones and he is ready to take her back. From the leaked recording, which is a call between him and his wife, it seems Baba Denzel initiated the reconciliation process.

In the conversation, Baba Denzel informs his wife that he is making arrangements for her to come back to their matrimonial home. He orders her to go and get money from a relative so that she can return home.

You can listen to the conversation below:


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