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Shamva,Toddler disappears from bedroom


A two-year-old baby girl from Zvitokwe village in Shamva who went missing on Sunday afternoon while sleeping in a bedroom hut, has not yet been found.

The police are appealing for any information which can help in the search for the toddler.

Provincial Police Spokesperson Inspector Milton Mundembe said the toddler Grainage Nyarugwe was under the custody of her grandparents.

On March 5, this year the grandmother went for a meeting in the village and left the toddler in the care of the grandfather.

Insp Mundembe said at around noon the toddler indicated to the grandfather that she wanted to sleep before going into a bedroom hut.

The grandfather was doing odd jobs around the homestead.

When the grandmother returned from the village meeting at around 1pm, she asked for the child.

She then discovered that the child wasn’t in the hut and villagers were alerted that a child was missing.

A search party combed looking for the child to no avail and a police report was filed.

Investigations are underway and Insp Mundembe appealed for anyone with information to visit the nearest police station.


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