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Chitungwiza man admitted to hospital after taking Congo dust


Developing Story:

A Chitungwiza man has been admitted to Chitungwiza General Hospital for having a prolonged penis erection. When our news crew arrived at Chikwanha Shopping Centre there was pandamonium, screams of pain as the hapless man was being stretchered into an ambulance.

Our news crew went to work interviewing hordes of people who had gathered to watch the free drama.
They gathered that the man who is a mechanic paChikwanha bought Congo Dust from a lady who sells aphrodisiacs and sexually enhancing drugs.
Congo dust is a dust-like powder that is applied at the tip of the penis. Its benefits include among others enlarged dick head, delayed ejaculation, long play, more rounds, enhanced sex drive, and can make you go up to 6 rounds a night.

After buying Congo Dust, the mechanic who we have gathered that his name is Pablo went to the nearest toilet where he applied Congo Dust, from there he headed to the popular PaGungwa night club which is a haven for commercial sex workers.
Pablo hired one commercial sex worker for a short-time tryst as he wanted to quench his bloated sexual appetite.
It’s being said after 90 minutes of humping and pumping Pablo failed to ejaculate, which forced the commercial sex worker he had hired to flee from the room naked.
Pablo emerged from the little room with his huge black shiny angry anaconda bulging to the point of nearly tearing his trousers. He was shouting for help as the erection was failing to subside.

Quick-thinking vendors brought packets of cold freezits which they wrapped around his penis but it failed to work. They rushed to a nearby bar and brought ice blocks but again they failed to work. They were left with no option but to call for an ambulance.

Our news crew is currently camped at Chitungwiza General Hospital waiting to hear the state of Pablo.

We urge men to desist from using sexual enhancement drugs. They have lots of negative effects.


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