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Simba Chikore: Six Intriguing Facts About Bona Mugabe’s Ex Husband That Will Surprise You


The world is still processing the news that Bona Mugabe filed for divorce from her husband Simba Chikore after nine years of marriage.

The couple was once the epitome of true love and was expected to live happily ever after their fairytale wedding held in the leafy Borrowdale suburb in Harare.

Little was known about Simba Chikore before he hogged headlines in 2014 after he won the heart of President Robert Mugabe’s only daughter Bona.

Here are a few things you probably did not know about Simba Chikore:

“`1. He is the third child of ZAOGA FIF pastors Sherman Chikore and Christine Chikore. He has three siblings; two brothers and one sister. Simba comes from a lineage of chiefs. His uncle Denis Chikore is chief in the Chikore area in Rusape.

2. Growing up, Simba Chikore and his siblings formed the band 101 Harare Drive which performed in the ZAOGA FIF church. Simba played the keyboard.

3. After doing his early education in Zimbabwe, Chikore went to the United States to further his education. While in the United States, Simba Chikore said he took up odd jobs that include cleaning toilets to finance his own education.

4. He said he was accepted at Saint Louis University for medicine but changed his programme to aviation science after he fell in love with aeroplanes thanks to his roommate who had a private pilot licence. Simba Chikore said he did not pursue his education further at the advice of ZAOGA FIF founding leader Ezekiel Guti. He said:“`

_During one of the holidays I was with my brother at Newlands shops [Harare], that was in 2004, and because I wanted to pursue a more advanced degree, the servant of God, Dr Ezekiel Guti called me on his cellphone and he said come I want to talk to you._

_I went to see him and he said I should not go back to school. It troubled me, he prayed for me and said if I wanted to go, I could but the Lord had told him that I should not go back to school. I told my brothers that I was no longer going back to school and we had to cancel my ticket, which was due the following day._

“`At the time Chikore said he had acquired his FA [flight attendant], a commercial pilot licence.

5. Simba Chikore is believed to have paid $35 000 and 15 cows to Robert Mugabe for the Bona’s hand in marriage.

6. Simba Chikore was accused of kidnapping Zimbabwe Airways lawyer Bertha Zakeyo. Chikore allegedly locked up Zakeyo in her office accusing her of selling confidential information about Zimbabwe Airways.“`


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