A 60-year-old man, who has 28 children, is under fire from Kambarambi villagers in Murehwa after he impregnated the daughter of his second wife.

Brain Masiiwa, an ex-soldier, stands accused of impregnating the daughter of his second wife, Edith Masiiwa, only identified as Anotida.

She is 18.

Anotida was reported to have been impregnated when she was 16-years-old and the baby is now two years old.

Kambarami villagers raised their voices after Masiiwa was reported to have impregnated Anotida, for the second time, and aborted the pregnancy.

One of the villagers took Masiiwa to Chief Nheweyembwa with the intention to remove him from the village.

Masiiwa denied responsibility of the two-year-old baby, who would be his 29th child.

“I never stooped so low to impregnate my wife’s daughter,” said Masiiwa.

“Ndakaita vana vakawanda nemadzimai akawanda asi parizvino ndinemadzimai maviri.

“Anotida got pregnant when she was 16 and she told us the person responsible.

“The man was a married, self-styled prophet and he was arrested for the offence.

“As for the alleged pregnancy, Anotida experienced loss of blood but it wasn’t an abortion.”

He added:

“Anotida and my daughter were lured by another prophet and, as we speak, my daughter eloped with that prophet.

“Anotida aitodazve kuendawo ndikamurambidza.

“She was attended to by health officials. I am the one who has been paying her school fees.

“I strongly suspect that my first wife is behind all these rumours circulating in the village because I stopped taking her food as well as retiring to bed with her for some reasons.

“One of the villagers took me to the chief with the intention of removing my name from the kraal head’s book but the chief ruled in my favour after verification.”

He told H-Metro that some villagers were spreading falsehoods.

“Some of the villagers spread falsehoods and, at one time, one of them reported that I had fired gunshots during the night.

“I do not have guns but I have only one gun.

“Some of the guns reported belong to other people who consult me for help in registering their firearms since they know me as a former soldier.

“I am not a threat to the society even to my second wife’s children.

“Ndinevana vakawanda vanodawo rudo rwemudzimai wangu saka handingavhiringe vana vake asi ndinovatora sevana vangu,” said Masiiwa.

Edith told H-Metro that she confronted Masiiwa over the allegations after the bizarre matter circulated among villagers.

“I was affected when I heard that my husband was responsible for my daughter’s pregnancy.

“My daughter denied it and I never suspected any questionable movements pointing to such issues.

“I was not going to remain Masiiwa’s wife if he had impregnated my daughter.

“Handizivewo kana zvakafamba nenzira iyoyo asi chandinoziva ndechekuti Anotida akati mwana ndewemuporofita asi muporofita wacho akazviramba.

“Anotida, at one time, became wild and Covid-19 lockdown helped given they were spending more time indoors,” said Edith.

Anotida said Herbert Munyandu was the father of the child in question.

“My stepfather is not the father of my child although villagers say the two look alike.

“Herbert Munyandu is the one who impregnated me and is married.

“He got arrested, he has since been released but he still denies responsibility.

“The child is yet to acquire a birth certificate.

“Villagers could have suspected my stepfather since we have been going together to the garden to work but he never attempted to seduce or rape me as alleged,” said Anotida.

THE man living with albinism, whose ill-treatment by his family triggered an outpouring of love from across the country, has thanked Zimbabweans for their support.

This follows a deal, which was struck by his family, which will see him using one of the rooms at their Sunningdale home.

Admire Kudakwashe Machingauta thanked Zimbabweans, including those living outside the country, for standing with him.

“To be honest with you, life was too hard for me,” he said.

“Iyezvino ndavekunzwa mhepo kupinda nekuti hama dzauya pano kusanganisira vakaitwa musarapavana.

“I regret marrying a South African woman because I left without anything, including my two children.

“I want to thank my neighbours, as well as Zimbabweans, including those outside the country, for the support that forced my relatives to meet over my plight.

“A temporary solution has been put in place and I appreciate that.”

His family met on Saturday to resolve the row.

The family agreed to temporarily separate his relative Tawanda Chipfakacha, from his wife Melody Chiyangwa, as part of the deal to accommodate him.

Family member Malvern Machingauta told H-Metro that they never abused Admire but wanted him to buy blankets first before giving him a room to stay.

“We never abused or neglected Admire as alleged,” said Malvern.

“He came from South Africa and I accommodated him at my Chitungwiza house.

“He left unceremoniously to Sunningdale, without blankets, since he never brought anything from South Africa.

“Tenants were yet to find alternative accommodation but he was quick to be there and brought us all this drama.

“To us it’s a skit, Admire wanted to use his skin to attract the world by such actions.

“Anyway, family members met today (Saturday) in Sunningdale and agreed to accommodate Admire in the room occupied by our nephew Tawanda and his wife.

“Tawanda’s wife will be accommodated somewhere until end of month since one of the tenants promised to look for alternative accommodation.

“Tawanda will stay with Admire for now. We love him, he is our brother, we do not neglect him as reported by neighbours,” said Malvern.

Tawanda is the son of Dorothy Machingauta, who is sister to both Admire and Malvern.

Dorothy lives with her husband in Harare and Malvern lives with his family in Chitungwiza.

Admire, being the last born, is yet to have his own house and was working in South Africa where his work permit was cancelled.

Some neighbours were not happy because the Machingauta family separated the couple instead of finding a better place to accommodate Admire.

“Their meeting came up with an unpleasant solution considering that Tawanda wants to live with his wife.

“One tenant had suggested to them that she can accommodate all her property in one room so that Admire gets a room but they declined this arrangement because they want money at the expense of someone’s rights.

“Dorothy and Malvern vanedzimba dzavo asi Admire gotwe achirarapanze, ngavaite mushe hatinakufara nazvo,” said one of the neighbours.


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