In news that will excite the fans of beloved Mzansi’s soapie Generations: The Legacy, the talented Mrs. Connie Ferguson returns to the soapie which made her a household name. But that is not all, she is returning with fellow star Rapilana Seiphemo, who will be reprising his role of Tau Mogale whilst she reprises hers as Karabo Moroka.

Connie starred on the show since its debut in 1994 as the troubled daughter of the Moroka family, Karabo whose character was beloved by all the fans of the show and beyond. Her portrayal of the character made her a household name, she would become a symbol of inspiration to millions of young women at the time when South Africa had just gained its independence. Connie would entertain viewers as Karabo working for New Horizons till 2016 when she would officially leave the show, that was more than 2 decades playing the iconic character. Fans got to see, not only the character maturing from a young woman but the person behind as well, to a mature successful and influential woman.

When she left the show, she now wanted to try other roles, she would go on to star in the Mzansi Magic channel telenovela The Queen which was produced by her company Ferguson Films which she co-owned with her late husband Shona Ferguson. She would take on the role of Harriet Khoza a criminal mastermind who mainly specialized in drugs. And boy did she ace that role, she got to show people that she was not a one trick pony, which only makes her return to Generations: The Legacy more exciting.

Alongside her, is the also talented Rapulana Seiphemo reprising his role as Tau Mogale, more often than not the antagonist in the soapie, as he is always in the quest of power. In Rapulana, the soapie is getting a veteran actor with multiple accolades and respect from not only the fans but those in the entertainment industry as well. Rapulana, is best well known for his iconic role in the movie Jerusalema where he played a ruthless gangster who would rise to control the Hilbrow underworld.

So, April surely promises to be a good month for fans of the soapie, which is most likely going to have a major boost on the show’s ratings, as it stands, the soapie remains Mzansi’s second most watched show. Considering all the negative reviews the soapie has been getting for years now on Twitter, it says a lot about the shows longevity. And for those just curious to know which show dethroned Generations as Mzansi’s most watched show it is Uzalo, which shows on the same channel, SABC 1. Everything said, soapie fans are in for a feast.


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