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Enzo Ishall Sings New Tune: Denies Involvement in Zanu-PF Primary Elections


Zimdancehall musician Enzo Ishall has finally spoken out over reports he participated in the recent Zanu-PF primary elections.

The Kanjiva hitmaker was the butt of social media jokes on Tuesday after he amassed a measly 7 votes out of 1,385 in Sunningdale.

The Ehe singer was unable to secure a nomination to contest as a Zanu-PF candidate for Sunningdale in the forthcoming elections.

Enzo Ishall seemed to have taken the supposed defeat with grace after he shared a video featuring the iconic Batman villain, Joker, applauding and a silhouette of James Bond, bearing the codename 007 on his Instagram stories.

However, hours later the Vakamhanya Makarimwa chanter took to his Facebook page and denied he had participated in Zanu-PF’s primary elections.

He said if he were to participate as a Zanu-PF candidate he should not be judged as it is his democratic right. Enzo Ishall added that if he were to participate in politics he would inform his fans hinting that he will do so in the next elections.

“We are in the age of social media lies where names are thrown around for popularity by has been journalists. I was never part of the primary campaigns in the recent ZanuPf elections. My vote is my choice and it is my democratic right If I chose to support ZanuPf. However, we need to stop making cheap shots just to get a few likes. Next time if i choose to participate don’t worry i will inform you. 2028 tichachimhanya,” Enzo Ishall wrote on his Facebook wall.

Zimbabweans Weigh In On Enzo’s Response

Enzo Ishall’s response drew mixed opinions with some arguing he should have denied his participation when his name was initially mentioned.

Another section of commentators chose to stand by the Zimdancehall musician. Below are the responses to Enzo Ishall:

Tonderai Wunganai:

Why do people say it’s my right to support this as if anyone is prohibited. We are just calling you as you are. A lost superstar

Mkanya Bhuruu:

When the news was shared why you didn’t come forward to say it’s a lie. Or post makunyara nekudyiwa

Tapiwa Kafesu:

Yes we are in the age of social media and you can’t lie to us also Mr. 007

Kuda Harris:

That was not Enzo Why ? ,He could have campaigned openly maZita and surname anofanana munomuZimbabwe.. Its normal kuti majournalist anotadza but we have build hatred in Zimbabwe.. A big journalist is continuing mocking Enzo after he reveal that he is not him..

Unruly King:

No matter what the world throws at you, you’re still a Champion and nothing will stop that #Respect KinG


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