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More Troubles For Lumumba As He Faces Arrest


Social media personality Gerald ‘Acie Lumumba’ Mutumanje has been advised to retract or face arrest for posting defamatory messages on social media against prominent Harare corporate lawyer and businessman Zweli Lunga.

Lumumba accused the lawyer for snatching his wife Lilian Madyara while he was battling cancer.

However, Lunga’s lawyers have responded at Lumumba accusing him of trying to get public sympathy on social media using false allegations.

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In a letter of demand to Lumumba, the lawyers argue that Lumumba should deal with his marital woes without involving a professional legal practitioner who was engaged by Lilian for a professional transaction.

This is after the controversial Lumumba went on social media and posted ““my wife confessed she was having an affair with Zweli Lunga and … friends and business associates I had known for over 10 years … Zweli got her to sell all my assets which I have no issues with, I will rebuild it all. The real issue is her two lovers are so hell-bent over proving a point they are using all influence to restrict me from access to my son ….” –

The lawyers argue that Lumumba was malicious in his conduct and he cannot go unpunished if he refuses to retract.

“We hasten to point out that your post which was written as a letter to your friends which you posted on your Facebook page has bad a wider coverage beyond Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as the same has been shared via popular social media applications like WhatsApp.

“It is our client’s view that the statement that you published on Facebook page is defamatory.

“We advise you that if you had done your investigation well, you would have discovered that our client is a faithful and happily married man who has no time to indulge in extramarital affairs, more so, with a married lady.

“Our client has only associated with your wife on professional grounds and has never asked her out nor dated her as alleged. The allegation that our client is your wife’s lover is hogwash for he is not her lover, has never been her lover, has no intentions to ever be and will never be her lover,” the lawyers wrote.

The lawyers further stated that their client, Lunga, is not involved in the Lumumba, Madyara custody battle.

They said custody issues should be taken to court and not social media as there is no remedy there.

The letter further stated that the lawyers will be confronting Madyara over the claim that she confessed to Lumumba about the alleged affair.

“0ur client is a professional and ethical Legal Practitioner who does not mix business with his social life. If you are relying on the alleged “confession”, if there was ever such, our client asserts that the purported contents of the alleged confession are false. Put differently, if your wife ever said that to you, she would have clearly lied to you.

“We shall proceed to confront your wife to ascertain if she indeed made that false representation that our client was her lover in the manner that you have alleged and published.”

“Our client instructs us to give you free advice that you should desist from the practice of dragging other people into your marital issues with your wife. It is elementary that if you want to have access of your child in the event of resistance from the custodian parent you simply approach the Children’s Court. If you do not know where it is located, you can knock on our door and we will assign a legal clerk to show you. An order granting access to your child is not obtained on Twitter or Facebook but from a Court of Law of competent jurisdiction.

For information our client is not involved in the matter which relates to your son. A mere perusal of the relevant court papers shows that our client is nowhere near that case and he wonders why you directed all that venom to him,” the letter reads.

Lumumba is also alleged to have gone on twitter claiming Lunga had defrauded Madyara on the guise of investment.

“Our client asserts that it is highly unethical of you to seek public sympathy on the basis of falsehoods. Our client was never given the net proceeds of the sale of Stand 9089 Glen Lorne Township 23 of Lot BC Kambanji. In actual fact, your wife collected the sum of US$230,016.00 on the 10th of March 2023 from our client’s firm. In the circumstances, our client challenges you to prove that he defrauded your wife in the manner alleged and/or that our client duped your wife in the name of investing the purchase price of the property in question,” the letter reads.

The lawyers said they will not hesitate to cause Lumumba’s arrest if he does not retract.

“We enjoin you to take these allegations seriously, failing which you will only have yourself to blame. In the event that you fail to retract and delete defamatory statements as demanded, our client shall proceed to issue summons and claim damages for defamation as well as lodge a criminal complaint against you without any further notice to you” the lawyers said


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