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(Bluetooth)“Mubobobo Men” Target Girls High School


A Mutare man was taken to Mutare Central Police Station by police officers after he was allegedly caught using mubobobo at Mutare Girls’ High School early this week.

Mubobobo is believed to be the magic for engaging in sexual intercourse without consent and physical contact with the targetted person.

The suspect, John Zimunya was spotted by alert school girls playing with his manhood while staring at them.

Zimunya was wearing a heavy winter morning gown and a T-shirt with no other clothes.

The girls then informed the school caretakers who in turn notified the police.

The Manica Post reported a source as saying among some of Zimunya’s alleged targets are sex workers at Moto-Moto in the Central Business District. Said the source:

This is not the first time he was caught in the act. At first, people thought he will be masturbating, but they came to the conclusion that Zimunya is a ritualist.

He is a taxi driver and also a well-known gambler. Maybe, the mubobobo is part of his lucky enhancing charms.

One of the caretakers at Mutare Girls’ High School, Jealous Mufundisi said Zimunya parked his car by the school gate. He said:

The girls spotted him in the act and rushed to inform us. We rushed to where he had parked his car and saw him busy with his mubobobo.

He was not wearing anything underneath his morning gown, save for a T-shirt. The girls said they saw him playing with his manhood while looking at them.

Last week, we witnessed an almost similar incident. We caught a man in the act at the same gate and at the same position.

We questioned him and he said four other people come and perform the same act while staring at the children.

I strongly believe that these men are ritualists because how can someone drive all the way to a school to perform this shameful act? They are abusing the innocent girls here.

Zimunya appeared before Mutare magistrate, Perseverance Makala, on Wednesday.

He was convicted on his own guilty plea for public indecency as defined in Section 77 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

He was fined US$65.


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