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How Did Ahoufe Die? Cause Of Death Explored As Ghanaian Tiktok Sensation Died At 21


Tributes are pouring on social media after a popular Ghanaian rapper and influencer of social media, Ahoufe Abrantie sadly passed away at the age of 21.

It is saddening to learn that the talented comic rapper and social media personality has gone from this world leaving his family and friends devastated.

The artist was also popular as Ghana Tupac in the industry who gained huge popularity and a fan following across the world.

Unfortunately, Ahoufe’s body was found in his Kumasi apartment on Thursday, March 30, 2023.

Let’s find out what was the reason behind his sudden passing and how did he die?

The popular Kumasi-rapper, Jay Bhad of Asakaa Boys fame shared a video of Ahuofe and confirmed the passing of the rapper, with a cryptic caption reading,” Life too short, rest well Ahoufe, you went (sic) be miss4ever”.

According to the sources, the cause behind his sudden passing has not been made official. It will be officially confirmed after his post-morterm details will be revealed.

Since the news of his death was confirmed on the Internet, many fans and loved ones are paying tribute to him and giving their deep sorrow to the family member who is going through a difficult time.

There are no details that how did he die but the sources are trying to identify the reason behind his sudden passing.

Since the news of his death was confirmed on social media and users didn’t find yet what was the reason behind his unfortunate passing, many fans started to speculate on Twitter and Facebook that he died due to a drug overdose while other are spreading that he was killed in his room.

Well, there is no confirmation behind the sudden death of the rapper. Keep reading to know more details regarding his unfortunate passing.

On a page on Facebook, Kasule Douglas ‘Benda’ wrote,” News coming from Kumasi, Ghana says that it’s alleged that Tiktoker Ahoufe a.k.a Ghanaian Tupac Shakur has passed on.

Ghanaian national TV has also confirmed the death of the Tik Tok sensation with his video and a caption that read, “Popular Ghanaian Tik Toker, Ahoufe reportedly dead.”

His videos are always mimicking the personality of the late American rapper, Tupac Amaru Shakur. His account has over 4 million followers and over 40 million likes RIP”.

A Facebook user wrote,” Prayers TikTok sensation, #Ahuofe Abrantie, popularly called Ghanaian Tupac has died Ahoufe reportedly died in his apartment situated at Kumasi on Thursday. Rapper, Jay Bhad of Asakaa Boys’ fame shared a video of Ahuofe jamming to one of his songs!”.

Unfortunately, he died after concluding 16-hour live streaming. Along with this, TV3 Ghana also confirmed the news of his sudden death with his video and left a caption that reads,” Popular Ghanaian TikToker, Ahoufe reportedly dead”.

Ahoufe rose his fame on the TikTok platform some months ago thanks to his mild resemblance to late American rapper Tupac Shakur, taking advantage of that by taking over the persona of the real Tupac including the gangster lifestyle of the late rapper.

After this, he regularly shared videos on TikTok while rapping and wearing big jewelry while gallivanting around, a culture that was vastly popular with rappers in the United States during the 80s and 90s.

During his appearance on social media platforms, he gained a huge fan following across the world and become one of the rich platforms with 39.8 million viewers on his TikTok handle. It is heartbreaking to learn about the passing of Ahoufe. Neither his family nor any official statement released the funeral arrangements. He will be always remembered by his fans and loved ones.

Well, any official statement has not been made on the Internet that claims the rapper’s death but the sources and unidentified statements are confirming the passing of the rapper who gained a huge fan following and immense respect during his career in the rapping industry.

Along with this, he also gained a huge fan base on the TikTok platform where he used to share his interesting videos. He had also appeared with some well-known artists in the industry who have another account with a massive fan following.

There are no details available yet on that is he married or not. Still, our sources are trying to collect more details about his family and with whom he was living.

Several videos after his death are circulating on social media that confirm the rapper’s death. Still, the cause behind his unfortunate passing is not still available.

We urge our readers to support his family at this time as they are going through a difficult time. He was the loving member of the family who always stood with everyone during their hard time. This time, the family is requesting privacy. He will be always remembered as a popular influencer and a beautiful soul


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