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Scott Sakupwanya Not Part Of The Gold Mafia, He Delivered Gold Worth US$1 Billion Last Year


Wealthy businessman, gold dealer and Zanu PF politician Scott Sakupwanya is reportedly not a member of the Gold Mafia, whose illicit operations were exposed by Al Jazeera’s explosive documentary.

In fact, not only is Scott not a member of the Gold Mafia, but he has been reported to be the country’s biggest gold dealer who delivers the most gold to Fidelity Printers and Refiners.

There have been intense discussions locally and internationally on gold smuggling, looting and money laundering following the release of Al Jazeera’s hard-hitting documentary “Gold Mafia”.

Some have even speculated that flamboyant gold dealer Scott Sakupwanya is also guilty of smuggling and is one of the members of the “Gold Mafia.”

However, according to prominent journalist and former Daily News editor Stanley Gama, Scott Sakupwanya is not a member of the Gold Mafia.

Gama, who has many well-placed and high-ranking sources, revealed that Scott Sakupwanya delivers more gold to Fidelity Printers and Refiners than any other local.

According to Gama, the Better Brands owner delivered gold worth a massive US$1 billion in 2022.

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Posting on social media about Scott, Gama wrote,

“The Gold Smuggling Scandal has become the most interesting discussion in the country & even in the rural areas they are talking about it. I promised to answer questions on businessman Scott Sakupwanya who operates Better Brands, a well-known gold buying company in Zim.

“Scott buys gold in huge quantities but information I gathered is that he sells all the gold to Fidelity Printers. When it comes to smuggling Scott does not appear on the list of the Mafia. According to records I saw, Scott delivers more gold to Fidelity than other locals.

“Last year Scott delivered 18,5 tonnes of gold to Fidelity Printers. This is abt USD$1b in value. Let me emphasise on this one in case pple accuse me of protecting him. Right now we are dealing with gold smuggling.”

Interestingly, Scott Sakupwanya dropped out of school in form two, and at one point, he worked as a gardener.

According to Zanu-PF Secretary for Information and Publicity Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa, before he was a celebrated gold dealer and millionaire, Scott Sakupwanya started out as a garden boy.

Ironically, Sakupwanya is said to have been the garden boy for none other than the notorious gold dealer and smuggler Ewan MacMillan.

MacMillan was recently exposed as one of the key members of the Gold Mafia by Al Jazeera Investigative Unit’s explosive documentary on Zimbabwe’s illegal gold trade


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