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Zimbabwean Millionaire Left to Die in South African Jail


News reaching this esteemed publication is that Zimbabwe millionaire businessman Frank Buyanga has fallen sick while in a South African prison.

The real estate tycoon has been held in detention since November of last year, and there are allegations that he has been prevented from seeing private doctors

Buyanga was arrested in South Africa at the request of Zimbabwean authorities who accused him of kidnapping his own son.

The custody of the child, who is at the centre of a contentious legal dispute between Buyanga and his former girlfriend Chantel Muteswa, has been in question.

Before leaving the country, Buyanga had been awarded custody of the child in a groundbreaking court ruling that granted equal custody rights to unmarried couples with children.

After being apprehended in South Africa, Buyanga was initially refused bail, but he ultimately secured it through an appeal.

Before he could secure his freedom, Buyanga faced fresh charges such as immigration fraud, obstructing justice, breaching the administration of justice, and violating the Immigration Act.

When he declined to plead guilty, three more charges were added, and he has been incarcerated at Sun City Prison ever since.

Frank Buyanga Falls Sick In South African Prisonm Left To Die
In a statement released over the weekend, Buyanga’s Hamilton Foundation claimed that the prolonged detention of the businessman was an act of vindictiveness.

The foundation also accused South African authorities of attempting to incriminate Buyanga for filing a R600 million claim against the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

Part of the statement released by the foundation reads:

At Sun City where he is incarcerated, he has been denied independent medical access, his health is deteriorating, and his last appearance on the 10th of March 2023, he appeared a pale shadow of himself, couldn’t walk properly and was aided with a steel crutch despite notes indicating since the 7th of February 2023 that Mr Frank Buyanga Sadiqi is unwell and needs immediate medical attention.

The prosecutor undertook to have him seen by a regional state doctor and have access to his personal doctor, but the arrangements were not made.

The ill treatment and violation of his rights since the 10th of November 2022 to present day is indescribable.

No superlatives can express better the pain and suffering our patron has endured over concocted charges meant to destroy him as a person.

The state machinery is at work and continues to frustrate his bail applications by piling up charges which do not make sense.

The motive is thus clear: destroy Frank Buyanga Sadiqi by all means in order to satisfy the political demagogues who are behind his arrest


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