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Nadia Nakai calls Zimboy a con artist


Nadia Nakai has caused a stir on social media after taking to her Instagram story to slam Jackson zimboy, the organizer of the Changamire Festival Awards.

Nakai, who was a guest at the recently held awards ceremony, accused Jackson Zimboy of being a con artist and warned others not to work with him.

In her post, Nakai wrote: “jacksondezimbot is a con artist! Don’t work with him. Ever! And that’s on peerrriod! What he’s put me through! Hai never again! The amount of DM’s I’ve got since my post telling me how much of a scammer he is! Like wow bro.”

Nadia Nakai is a Zimbabwean-South African rapper, songwriter, actress and tv host. She’s born to a South African father and a Zimbabwean mother. Nadia Nakai was born on May 18, 1990


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