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Uebert Angel claims Gold Mafia was all an act, a classified national intelligence operation


Businessman Prophet Uebert Angel has responded to the Al Jazeera Gold Mafia documentary, dismissing all allegations made against him, saying his words and actions were never real but a classified national intelligence operation.

The self-styled prophet is shown in the documentary titled Gold Mafia, offering to assist undercover journalists pretending to be Chinese gangsters with money to launder.

However, Angel’s lawyer Lovemore Madhuku claimed during a press conference in Harare, Friday that after his client was approached by the ‘investors’, he consulted the national intelligence to do security checks on them and was advised that something was fishy.

“This interaction led to what we are calling a classified national intelligence assignment which meant a decision was taken with intelligence authorities that he would play along and would not cancel his interactions with these persons, he would meet them as if he was going to make arrangements for them to meet the president and be able to do investments in Zimbabwe.

“So it was in the context of a national intelligence operation, Zimbabwe wanted to gain intelligence out of it, wanted to see how far its enemies could go and what the agendas were,” Madhuku said.

Maduku added; “Ordinarily these things are not told to the world but because of the intensity and implications of the documentary on the integrity of the operations of governmental systems in this country, my client felt obliged that he has a moral obligation to at least give an indication of what was going on.

He claimed that all the events in the Gold Mafia documentary were staged, adding that he did not call first lady Auxillia Mnangagwa and Zimbabwe Miners Federation president Henrietta Rushwaya as shown in the documentary.

“In that documentary, all the things that are said, no one was phoned, the first lady or Henrietta Rushwaya were decoys that were put in an intelligence operation. So even the statements that you hear are not real.

“If you were to put it very boldly or mildly, they were acting along and it’s unfortunate that according to the version we are putting it is unfortunate that it is national security issues that are then played in public because of the agenda of these people which then forces issues that ordinarily would not be put on the table


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